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Know About our Library

The library represents an outstanding facility to meet the needs of the University's charter of promotion of education and research in the field of agriculture and related areas. Keeping in view the need to expand the library in the number of volumes and space, new building was planned to effectively help student education and to the faculty to familiarize themselves with current development in their respective fields and to aid research by providing source material.

The new building was completed in 1973. It is functional, simple and modern. Its exterior presents an attractive blend of modern and oriental architecture. It is a double story building and is centrally air-conditioned. It has a covered area of 45000 square feet. The total collection is now 2,66,120 which includes 27101 manuscripts and 57,552 volumes of national and international research journals covering various disciplines taught in the University. It is a depositary library for the FAO and World Bank Publications. The Library has 10,000 members comprising of faculty members, students and researchers of the University. The well-known and the latest books are available related to field of agriculture and allied sciences. These are technically processed and placed in the library in such a manner that student feel stimulated to read. In order to keep the faculty and students informed, the current developments in their respective fields, the library is acquiring about 33 precious scientific periodicals. The Library is receiving publications of various government, semi-government, national, foreign and international organizations. The Library has database under the Oracle based modules developed by the University I.T. Team to cater the needs of readers. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals are available for searching. The Global Information Centre is functioning from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. with 28 computers. A range of 175-250 students, faculty members and research scholars use the Internet services daily. Information Resource Center is also functioning with 20 computers for female students only.